Get Involved!

Other than sending in a project application for funding, there are other ways to get involved with TGIF throughout the year.

Sustainability Commissioner:
The Sustainability Commissioner is the official representative of TGIF within ASUCI and on campus. Duties of this position include serving on the Sustainability Committee alongside faculty and staff, serving as the liaison between Associated Students, UCI Officials and TGIF, and being in control of the TGIF email. The Sustainability Commissioner facilitates board meeting, and does administrative work for TGIF such as booking meeting rooms, updating the TGIF website, creating meeting agendas, etc. Sustainability works closely with project applicants, meeting with them upon request for advice on improving their projects, or directing them to resources on campus, also meeting with every approved project to explain stipulations of funding and signing contracts. Besides project applicants, Sustainability Commissioner also works closely with the TGIF Grant Manager, and communicates with ex oficios, attending UCI media events and several administrative meetings every quarter.

Administrative Commissioner: 
The Administrative Commissioner records minute meetings and documents project applications as well as writing project descriptions for approved projects to be posted on the TGIF website; for transparency values and for historical documentation.

External Affairs Commissioner: 
The External Affairs Commissioner reaches out directly to various student organization leaders to help them apply for funding and implement their sustainable projects. This includes meeting or presenting to clubs to inform them on available TGIF funding, or providing info to funding workshops. They research new resources for future applicants and methods to make the process more efficient. This position, along with Marketing, are also in charge of twice-per-week posts on the TGIF Facebook and social media about upcoming events, opportunities, or sustainability tips.

Marketing & Assistant Marketing Commissioner:
The main purpose of the marketing commission is to spread the word about TGIF so the general undergrad student population knows about us on campus and what we stand for. This can be implemented through physical advertisements (through the school newspaper, kiosks, and even in the dining commons) as well as via social media. We also seek out promotional items and merchandise to put our stamp on the campus as well as make ourselves known. The marketing commission aims to reach the student population in effective ways that will make TGIF memorable and further our impact on campus. This commission is also in charge of all boothing.

Accounting Commissioner: 
Accounting Commissioner is in charge of reviewing and approving incoming check requests from approved projects. They meet with project recipients to purchase items using the TGIF credit card, and are involved with answering TGIF budgeting questions/concerns and purchasing/requisitioning of project materials. They also keep detailed logs on our financials.

Student Retention Commissioner
The Student Retention Commissioner is responsible for planning the intern program for the full year. They will attend all intern meetings, lead/plan retreats, book all events for interns. This position will report weekly on the program as well as handle all intern interviews each quarter.

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Below you will find resources courtesy of TGIF that will help you learn more about sustainability!
Anteaters Go Green-A Guide to Sustainability Classes – Resources and Living at UCI