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2019-2020 TGIF Commissioners

Chloe Zheng
Chloe ZhengSustainability Commissioner
Major: Computer Science
Year: Fourth Year

Ask Chloe about potential sustainable project ideas and how TGIF can fund your projects and events on campus.

Samantha Joe
Samantha JoeAdministrative Commissioner
Major: Environmental Science and Policy
Year: Second Year

Ask Samantha about agendas and minutes from the Board meetings.

Ely Khatib
Ely KhatibAccounting Commissioner
Major: Environmental Science and Policy
Year: Third Year

Ask Ely about how to access awarded funds, making payments, and purchasing for your award.

Sai Muktevi
Sai MukteviStudent Retention Commissioner
Major: Computer Engineering
Year: Fourth Year

Ask Sai about how to become an intern for TGIF.

Shan Yu
Shan YuExternal Affairs Commissioner
Major: Chemistry
Year: Third Year

Ask Shan about current projects and events being funded by TGIF.

Avril Han
Avril HanMarketing Commissioner
Major: Business Economics
Year: Third Year

Ask Avril about publicity and marketing for TGIF.

Non-Voting Members and Staff:

TGIF Grant Manager – Stephanie N. Van Ginkel & Robert M. Schumm, Sr.
Administrative and Business Services Representative – TBD
Facilities Management Representative – Anne Krieghoff
Graduate Student – TBD
Faculty Member – TBD
ASUCI Internal Vice President – Daniela Romero

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